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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Y&F is to produce entertaining, jovial, delectable, delightful content that conveys the many facets of the modern, mature woman, who is: funny, sexual, silly, intellectual, curious and fearless and inspire others to similarly lean into their own “yumminess”. 

Our Community

The Yummy & Fearless community aims to show and own that we (women of a certain age) are more than caretakers. We have desires. We still have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. We count. We have value. We (fucking) matter.

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The Side Chicks

We know. It is a scandalous-sounding play on words that we make no apologies for. The Side Chicks have all sorts of unpopular opinions, thoughts, musings, and philosophies. That is precisely the point: to explain our "side" of an issue; to make a logical, coherent case for any stance; And as women, we reserve the right to change our minds at any  given time. It is all in good fun. Come along. 

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