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The Yummy & Fearless Podcast

Press Kit

Press Kit includes:

  • Audience Demographics

  • Download Statistics

  • Partnership Profiles

  • Social Media Links

  • CreaBios

  • Podcast Logo Graphics

  • Audio Taster and Thumbnail Sampler

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About The Show

An irreverent and comedic podcast hosted by college buddies, Yummy and DarkPhnx, of the seductive and fully-grown persuasion.

The podcast explores pop culture and relationships, with a professional-yet-untamed edge, where each host gives her side of the issue, hence The SideChicks.

Why Listen?

It is important for women of a certain age to show that we are more than just caregivers. We still have opinions, dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires, and sex-appeal. We count. We have value. We matter!

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Toot Toot

The Yummy & Fearless Podcast was ranked #12 Top 100 Indie Relationship Podcasts, #14 Top 100 Relationship Podcasts, and #57 Top 100 Indie Society & Culture Podcasts by @goodpods ( and #15 on Feedspot’s Top 80 Feminist Podcasts (@feedspot).

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