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The Hosts

"Yums" and "Dark Phnx" met in college in the 90's. Their friendship eventually led them to become roommates and "partners in crime". It was during college that Yums and Dark Phnx developed individual personas reflecting their emerging intellect, consciousness, and vivaciousness. It was not long before they realized that when combined, their force was undeniably electric and hilarious. The two soon found that they could entertain themselves as well as others once they began philosophizing on any topic. And no topic was ever off limits.


Their differing and sometimes unorthodox perspectives are what gave birth to "The Side Chicks", who offer their unique "side" to every subject.

They invite you to come be a part of the #YummyFearless world, as they continue today where they left off in the 90's, in the tradition of strong women who came before them and paved the way to becoming Yummy & Fearless.

The Yummy & Fearless Podcast w/ The SideChicks was voted top 40 Feminist podcasts by funny, irreverent, entertainment.

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Delectable. Appetizing. Enjoyable. Every woman can be #Yummy!


Courage under fire. Determined. Unflappable. Be eternally #Fearless!

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