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Unapologetically Delectable

Updated: May 10

Welcome to Our Yummy, Irreverent World

It's your favorite Aunties, and we are here to lighten your day with our comedic podcast.

Have you ever wondered what fully-grown and seasoned women talk about

behind closed doors? Well BOY are you in for a treat!

Who are The Yummy & Fearless Podcast hosts?

We are long-time college buddies, who came of age in the 90's. As roommates, we learned to entertain ourselves and others, long before anybody was Tikkin' or Tokkin'. From waxing philosophical to stupid knock-knock jokes, we learned that people sort of liked what we were puttin' down.

Fast forward to today; after raising kids and husbands, here we are still clowning around, but this time YOU get to participate.

We have day jobs, so we go by "Yummy" and "Dark Phnx" to protect the innocent (wink). When the Yummy & Fearless Podcast was born in September 2021, we decided to hide our true identities and go with "personas"; characters, if you will. We are not mean-spirited on the show but know that no topic is off limits. We always joke and make each other laugh, but sometimes we unveil weird or unpopular or unorthodox perspectives - that become provocative...but always funny.

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So why are we doing this?

We got tired of being the "shoulda-woulda-coulda" chicks. And it seems that nowadays, society wants to discard women like a Blackberry once we get past 25 years old! Companies don't market to us anymore. We are not part of that 18-35 target demographic where all the cool stuff happens. Society (and some #KevinSamuels types) try to act like we are a relic; a thing of the past; not sexy, desirable, or relevant anymore. And we say enough!!

It is important for women of a certain age to show that we are more than just caregivers. We still have opinions, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. We can contribute meaningfully to the culture. We count. We

have value, by golly. We matter! And we want to take our place in the world and encourage other women like us to stand up and be funny! ...I mean counted. we don't have to fade into the background! Call us feminists if you want to, but we women have something to say and we are gonna say it!

What are we talking about?

On The Yummy & Fearless Podcast, we talk about an array of things. We talk about pop culture, from Kanye West to Taylor Swift. We talk about the generational conflicts. GenZ stand up! We talk about sex (warning : NSFW). We talk about aging and old lady sh*t, like needing readers and tweezers! We also talk about younger men and older women, music, movies, sports, and politics, too...but always with the Yummy & Fearless, comedic spin. Did I mention we talk about sex? ALOT...especially if we get on the topic of Idris Elba. We even have a recurring segment called "He Can Get It", where we list out the celebrities we would shag if given the chance. ...the list goes on!

The point is - you should taste and see! We will do our best to deliciously brighten your day. Fearlessly.

Toot Toot, Biotches!

  • The Yummy & Fearless Podcast was ranked #12 of Top 100 Indie Relationship Podcasts (2022)

  • Ranked #14 of Top 100 Relationship Podcasts (2022)

  • Ranked #57 Top 100 Indie Society & Culture Podcasts by @goodpods ( (2022)

  • Ranked #15 on Feedspot’s Top 80 Feminist Podcasts (@feedspot) (2022)

What's Next For The Yummy & Fearless Podcast?

We have so much in store for you for our 3rd season. We are kicking off a Fall 2023 tour! We are bringing you merch! And we have some CRAZY topics this season. This is "Grey Sweatpants Season"! Guys, you definitely will want to tune in! Here is a teaser of upcoming episodes:

  • Bro Codes

  • She’s Gotta Have It

  • Men talk about Dates From Hell

  • Keep ‘em, Babies

  • Body Count Rules

And much, much more!

Check back to find out when our season premier will drop. (hint: It will be during the month of May.)

Imma Let You Finish...

Finally - as The Yummy & Fearless Podcast enters its 3rd season, we want to thank our fans! You all are incredible! You have supported us, encouraged us, laughed with us, and rocked with us for two years. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We see you! We love you! We owe you! We got you!

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*All podcasting platforms.*

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