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All Jokes Aside #oldladysh*t

All jokes aside - on this old lady sh*t, there is some stuff I never had to think about until now - and it sort of pisses me off.

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First of all, I can’t see sh*t.

Everything is blurry. Print is too small…on everything! Does anyone else out there have your phone on the largest font settings? And don’t even get me started on my zoomed-in-200% setting on my desktop. It is absolutely annoying. However, the one good thing about having deteriorating vision at this stage in life is - I have the means to afford some of dopest eyewear on the market. And once Y&F gets this endorsement deal, I will share my favs. In the meantime, just know that the need for readers is real once you get to a certain age.

Secondly, I can’t remember sh*t.

I’m talking about the kind of forgetfulness that has me scratching my head saying, “What was I about to write down…five SECONDS AGO?!” Now that is some foolishness I could not have anticipated. On The Yummy & Fearless Podcast, we talked about even forgetting if we took our medicine in the mere seconds it took for us to open the bottle. Terrible.

Next is hair sh*t.

All kinds of hair woes. Hair grows here, but hair is falling out there…it is utterly frustrating. And it is confirmation that God has a nutty sense of humor at times. I mean- my once-voluminous, thick mane on my head has now dwindled down to strands I could literally count right now if I had to. It is funny …but it’s not.

And why? Why oh why... WHY - do I have whiskers now? Like a damn cat. A mustache and chin hairs. Very funny, God. Very friggin funny.

These are just a few of the things chicks of a certain age have to deal with. On the flip side, there are some definite perks and benefits and blessings to reaching this age. Tune in to hear The Side Chicks talk about ALL of it - errrrrything …on this week’s episode (Episode 5), Mitt Romney Beards, & Old Lady Sh*t. And let us know of any we missed.

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