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Here's the thing about BBWs...

Who knew all this fetishizing was going on with big girls? It was not until The Side Chicks sat down for a real conversation with podcast guest, Big Barbie, that we learned there are guys out there who *ahem* get off on looking at, being with, and sucking the toes of "fat chicks". Big Barbie encouraged the use of the "f" word, so you all know.

Listen to Ep. 9. How to F*ck A Fat Chick & Other BBW Challenges

If it is not bad enough that BBWs have to deal with discrimination, they also have to deal with a**holes creeping in their DMs, or worse - to their faces - blatantly asking for sexual favors! How rude! The thing that makes it just unforgivable is the fact that many of these same dudes try to fake the funk in front of their peers. And THAT is where I feel like slapping these dudes with something really heavy.

It is one thing to have a fetish or a preference or whatever one wants to call it. It is an entirely different matter to act like you are too embarrassed to be seen with someone you fetishize and talk mad sh*t to behind closed doors (or on the internet). But that is what Big Barbie says she encounters on a regular basis. Imagine thinking someone really likes you, but they won't take you out or around their friends or family for fear of being ridiculed - just because you are a curvy girl.

Big Barbie and Lizzo and other bad boss biotches who happen to be BBWs are showing us that sexiness, desirability, and attractiveness come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key. according to Big Barbie, is to own it. Also own your response to how you are treated by the knuckleheads and weirdos and cowards. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to accept being treated like a piece of meat, just because you are a non-traditional beauty.

It must get incredibly lonely and frustrating having to deal with that crap all the time. It is almost enough to make a chick swear off...well...not swear off, but be extremely picky about the next man that comes along. Part of the problem for #BBW girls has to be the age we are living in, where men and women do not date anymore. It's all online. Swipe left. Catch me in my DMs. #tinder and #facebook and #blackpeopledate and #snapchat and #instagram are all a sort of virtual reality, it seems, where folks can just say whatever they want to anyone they want without real consequences. But maybe that is the fun of it, for the millennials anyway. It is kind of how they were socialized, having always had a veil of anonymity to say reckless sh*t. Still - deep down I know BBWs want love, not just #sex . They want real #relationships, too! Don't they?

Check out the whole, hilarious #NSFW conversation with Big Barbie and The Side Chicks on Ep. 9. How to F*ck A Fat Chick & Other BBW Challenges and weigh in.

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