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Let's Go, Little Kitty Kat

DJ Quik said, "Ain't nothin' like sweet, black..." you-know-what. But what makes it sweet? Is there technique involved? How do we know if we are doing it right? Can men coach us up on the matter? I am sure they think they can. This is partly why The Side Chicks talk about it in this week's podcast episode. The other part? Well...entertainment, of course. At the audacity of men.

Tune in to the hilarious Episode 6: Purrfect Kitty with guest "E.B.", who gives some insight to inquiring minds.

To be fair, The Side Chicks did ask a few men about their take on "kitty", partly to see if there is anything novel or revelatory out there; something that could help women step up their game. But there was another, slightly more sinister reason for soliciting men's opinions: to document the audaciousness of dudes and to grab a few chuckles in the process. I know. It seems wrong to plot a laugh at men's expense. But...fuck 'em.

It is worth noting that The Side Chicks' most popular episode to date is ep 2. "Peen, Hoodies, & Hips", where the majority of engagement has come from opinionated men. So why not let men have a turn at bat? Sort of an answer to our episode on Peen.

“Enthusiasm can go a long way toward the experience.” - E.B. (guest on YFP)

I would like to be better at it. But at the end of the day, who really cares? Is there an "oooweee badge" for getting it just right? I guess it boils down to motivation. Maybe some women think that if they put it down in the bedroom, their men will stay satisfied and faithful. Reminds me of the old adage...isn't it "feed him and fuck him"? Meh. I think we established - and our guests confirmed - that men can have it really, really, REALLY good at home - yet still be out here looking for "Ms. New Booty". So I imagine womens' motivation for having purrfect kitty needs to be internal. Like - for pride's sake. Kinda like when you go bowling. You may not bowl very often, but when you do, you don't want to embarrass yourself; you want to sort of have a decent showing.

Guests of the pod mentioned that enthusiasm can go a long way toward a great experience. how about that? I guess that is fair. Just remember, guys - women need to feel desired and sexy and appreciated in order to perform enthusiastically. Am I right ladies? I think I can speak for a lot of women when I say the experience for us, begins LONG before we enter the bedroom. A kind word of "thanks for being a good mom" can easily spark enthusiasm later on. Just sayin'. Enthusiasm goes both ways, too, gentlemen. I want to feel like you are choosing me to "be" with rather than feeling like "hey, you're here. I'm here. Might as well..." type of thing. And enthusiasm, for both men and women, is likely cyclical and depends on what is going on at the time.

Finally, I truly wonder if men care if the kitty is good or not. I could be wrong, but the way I see it, men could satiate themselves with anything soft and wet. I would bet the difference between average kitty and purrfect kitty is barely detectable to them. So ladies? Let's get ours. Don't let purrfect be the enemy of "good enough for me".

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