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The Mesmerizing Matchmaking Minds of Millennials

Updated: Apr 22

Alliteration aside, it seems Generation Y has turned into Generation, WHY?? They went from promise to promiscuity. Young women used to dream of landing actual dates with a handsome hunk, where maybe they would end up “going steady” (the old fashioned way of defining relationships). Now, from what Big Barbie told the SideChicks in a recent podcast episode, women in this age bracket are not only content to be “friends with benefits”, millennials are happy with their so-called “sitationships”. I am not convinced millennial women are as happy with this dynamic as they want to appear.

Feminism, in some contexts has come to mean, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”, especially when it relates to sex. In other words, women have tried (really hard) to foray into the noncommittal, sowing-of-wild-oats territory that men have occupied all these hundreds of years. After all, isn’t it women who make up the largest percent of prostitutes and sex workers? That might indicate a real power dynamic in the selling of goods and services that tips toward female domination.

What the heck happened, Millennials? Why did women of this generation fall for it? You are killing the game in so many aspects; You are highly evolved. I agree with TikTok personality @ohyesitslizzyb who said that Millennials own your feelings and self-care and you enforce healthy boundaries. You are educated and intelligent and creative. And unlike Boomers, who sometimes accuse Millennials of never wanting to grow up and being self-absorbed and irresponsible, I believe in you. I respect you. The Side Chicks "stan" you.

So why fall for the okie doke regarding one of your most precious assets: the kitty? Hey – trust me; I would like to believe that we, as women, somehow take back power when we reject gender roles and conventions. But I find myself with a dichotomy of beliefs here. Because while I am likely a SUPER proponent of female empowerment, I do recognize that there are differences between men and women. There just are. It does not make anyone better than anyone else; it just recognizes the sheer physiological…and likely emotional…differences between the beings. In other words: women like commitment.

We trade sex for commitment – or the illusion of commitment.

Sorry, Millennials. Dispute it. Reject it if you will. But the fact remains: you are not exempt from wanting a deep, personal relationship with someone you are having “relations” with. So stop with the “situationship” shit. Just stop it. Take if from an old G. The amount of therapy you will need from allowing dudes to use you for their greed is not worth the temporary satisfaction you might think you get from so-called pleasure.

Take it from The SideChicks or listen to Millennial, Big Barbie, break it down for her peers in Ep. 12 Millennial Dating: Raw, Unprotected & Online.

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