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Yummiest & Most Fearless Moments of 2021

Updated: Apr 22

Alright, Sidepieces! Let's countdown this year's Yummiest & Most Fearless moments.

2021 was way better than 2020, wasn't it? If you doubt it, then take a look at The SideChicks' stance on the matter and let us know.

10. KevOnStage On Fire!

YouTube sensation, Kevin Fredericks, released his own dope traveling foodie show called "What's Good?!", where he goes around the country and samples the cuisine of various cities and hilariously reports out to his loyal fans. This is so super dope and fearless, because it streams from his own streaming service, the KevOnStage Studios App. Who knew you could be funny and find the yummy at the same damn time?!

#kevonstagestudios #kevonstage #whatsgood

9. Lil Nas X Grabbed 2021 by the Balls

I mean come on. the dude wears pink better than any dude we know. He released a good 4 certified BANGERS this year. And he stirred up the internet by getting pregnant and giving birth to a creative masterpiece. Yummy AND Fearless, fo sho.

#lilnasx #montero #lilnasxpregnant

8. King Richard

What did a movie about two young sisters in the hood with a nutty dad teach us? That we have zero excuses. If Richard Williams, a man with very meager means, could produce not one, but TWO of the world's greatest athletes - then we all need to get up off of our tookuses and create the lives we want!!!

#WillSmith #KingRichard #Serena #Venus #Tennis

7. Educated Meg

Meg the Stallion got her degree from Texas Southern University. Nothing yummier than an educated 'hood Mona Lisa with a college degree from an HBCU to boot!

#megthestallion #hbcu #TSU #TexasSouthernUniversity

6. Dr. Dix Daycare

How dope was it that Dr. Aqeel Dix of Lincoln University (HBCU) helped one of his students overcome a very real obstacle, at least for a day. Reportedly when she almost did not come to class because she did not have a sitter, he urged her to come anyway and he would watch the baby for her, so she did not have to miss class. Although it happened in 2020, it became widely talked about in 2021, which is when The Side Chicks learned about it. It makes the list this year and forever.

#drdixdaycare #drdix #hbcu #LincolnUniversity

5. Simone Biles & Naomi Osaka for the Mental Health Win

Why go crazy for folks' entertainment? It was not only courageous for this young athlete to say "enough" and prioritize her mental health over everything, including her decorated career; it was HELLA FRIGGIN COURAGEOUS. Simone, during the Summer Olympics of 2021 bowed out when she realized something was off. Times Magazine agrees, as they named Simone Biles their 2021 athlete of the year.

Special shout out to Naomi Osaka, who withdrew from the French Open in May citing mental health concerns. They endured hate and vitriol this year from folks who could NEVER achieve even a fraction of what these two superstars have, under mad pressure no less. Winners in our book. All day.

#naomiosaka #simonebiles #olympics2021 #frenchopen2021

4. January 2021 Redemption

January 2021 could go down in history as one of the suckiest Januarys ever. The only redeeming thing about sucky January 6, 2021 is that January 21, 2021 still came. And Kamala Harris, an African American person, was still inaugurated as the first woman Vice President in the history of the United States. Take THAT, insurrectionists.

#kamalaharris #vicepresident #veep #inauguration2021

3. COVID Healthcare Workers

If COVID frontline workers do not get top Fearless honors for 2021, then nobody should. These workers deserve every accolade, every honor, privilege, and reverence befitting the highest of the most highly respected. Just when they probably thought they could breathe, BAM here comes Delta and then KAPOW there is Omicron. Courage in the face of adversity, death, denial, and sickness is what these heroes have demonstrated. Thank you.

#covid #frontlineworkers #omicron #deltavariant #pandemic

2. This guy

Come THROUGH stock photos! Yummy on ten thousand!

#randomyummyguy #stockphoto #muscles #workout #thundercat

*ahem* ...back to the regularly scheduled programming...

1. The Yummy & Fearless Podcast w/ The Sidechicks

Once upon a time, two women-of-a-certain-age cultivated a comedic, irreverent point of view and started a podcast. They then spun up a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & even a TikTok account, right along-side the Gen Z kids! They went on to establish a website and got to work creating feminist-leaning relationship and pop culture content that can now be heard on all the podcasting platforms.

Ranked #25 on Feedspot's Top 40 Feminist Podcasts List.

Ranked #19 on Goodpods Top 100 Relationships Chart.

Not too shabby for two old chicks who might just be delusional enough to believe "it is never too late to become who you might've been" and that we women-of-a-certain-age have dreams, we still have aspirations, and we (f*cking) matter.

**Special shoutout to a select group of friends and family who support us by listening and sharing - and our newest additions, the SidePieces. Thank you for helping make it possible for The SideChicks to do what they love.**

Here's to 2022 and great things to come.

(Images from Getty Images)

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